Buyer's Advice

In many markets, the supply of homes is now greater than the demand to buy them, so sellers can't be terribly choosy. You, the buyer, have greater leverage than usual to name your terms and make them stick. Welcome to the elusive but profitable condition known as a buyer's market.

What's the first step?

The best way to start is to work with an experienced professional, someone who can guide and assist you — Brett Knowles! Brett Knowles is a real estate sales professional that can help you understand the opportunities in your local real estate market, and eliminate your fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Eliminate what you don't want.

Begin your home search process by eliminating what type of homes you do not want. Look at all sizes and styles. Researching online is a great start to helping you determine what your "ideal" home is. You can browse for properties to help you get started right away.

Figure out how much home you can afford.

Talk to a mortgage lender about your financial situation and what you can realistically afford each month. Decide whether this is a purchase for a "starter" or "long-term" home. This will help determine what type of mortgage is best suited for your needs. For more information on mortgages and rates, take a look at ourmortgage advice.

Profile your perfect location.

With your area of city in mind, start digging up information. Nowadays cities and counties have information available online on local schools, restaurants, entertainment venues and shopping. Your real estate agent is also available to assist you with any questions you may have about the area. As one of the Greater Wilmington area's leading real estate professionals, Brett's lifetime of local knowledge lends him the insight to help you make an informed decision on the location(s) you have questions about.

Prepare an offer you are comfortable with.

When you find a house you want to make your home, structure your offer. Avoid getting caught up in the heat of the moment. You are making a contract to purchase a home, which will legally bind you if the seller accepts. Talk to your real estate agent about your needs and concerns to help prepare an offer that you are comfortable with.

To get started on your home search contact Brett Knowles and his team of skilled professionals.